We are racing team which have over 30 years of RC racing experience. We offer race tested and race proofed products to build up your own set easily. Therefore you can focus to improve your driving skills than testing gear. We already made that for you! Get set go http://www.proracershop.net/shop/.

Our own engineering team develops our ProRacerOptions to improve even more your racing gear. We are not making just a copies of the original parts, we make them better. Our focus is to make more tuning options for your race car to get all potential out. With our in-house developed manufacturing processes we can offer super fast prototyping, manufacturing and delivery even for small quantities or just for individual items. We use latest 3D CAD/CAM CNC technology and we also test every option part before it is approved to get genuine ProRacerOptions name tag.

We care about our customers all over the world. Therefore we have unique ProRacerCustom service and we can provide individual part manufacturing service just for you with very competitive price. If you have an idea, we are happy to help you to get your idea to live and you can even be a part of our development team.

Your draft is our craft! Please don’t hesitate to contact us at info (a) proracershop.net for further information about ProRacerCustom service or anything else what you have in mind about our business.

Your excellence starts now!

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